Course curriculum

  • 1

    Critical Care Practitioner Principles

    • Approach to the Hospitalized Patient

    • Approach to Hospitalized Patient Quiz

    • Acid/Base Disorders

    • Acid/Base Quiz

  • 2

    Diagnostic Studies

  • 3

    ICU Management

    • Critical Care Nutrition

    • Critical Care Nutrition Quiz

    • VTE Prophylaxis

    • VTE Prophylaxis Quiz

    • Sepsis, Shock and Antibiotics

    • Sepsis Quiz

    • ICU Fluid Management

    • Fluid Management Quiz

    • Ventilator Management

    • Ventilator Management Quiz

Critical Care Practitioner

Attention grabbing lectures and videos to prepare CRNAs to function as Critical Care Practitioner. Don't be caught unprepared when the impending surge arrives. The time to train is now.